I must have tried three/four different Gazpacho recipes over the last years, but it just never tasted as good as what you get in restaurants. This version by the Israeli chef Eden David, on the other hand, I’ve made three times in the past week. It’s that good. Gazpacho is a traditional cold served soup […]

Eggs Benedict Florentine

The Tel-Avivian restaurant Benedict deserves a post on it’s own, and I’ll come to that later – meanwhile let’s talk about its most popular and my personal favourite dish, Eggs Florentine. I remember the first time that I had Eggs Florentine in Benedict – a colleague took me there after a shift in the bar […]

French Quenelles Gone Mad

A recipe by Mandy Lee from her beautiful cookbook, The Art of Escapism Cooking. A hybrid between French and Sichuan cooking. I love Lady and Pups. Love her cooking, love her style and her photography. I’ve been following her instagram account for a while. So I was super excited when she released her book, The Art […]

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