Smashdeatary pulled pork burger

Smash’d Eatery, Berlin

It’s rare that food is so good that it leaves me speechless. Smash’d Pulled Pork Burger is one of those times.

Smash’d Eatery just opened this April and offer international comfort food. Before going and checking it out I shortly wrote to the owner, Emad, because I was curious about their hummus & pulled pork burger. He said: “best you’ll ever have or your money back“. I thought wow, that’s a bold statement, I’m in! I was also really curious about their hummus for a while (of course), so I was sold.

We went there for lunch and got to enjoy the sunshine on the beautiful Fehrbelliner Street in Prenzlauer Berg, in front of a nineteenth century church. The first thing we got was the hummus.


How good does that look?! It was just as delicious.

Perfect creamy & grainy texture, topped with good olive oil, freshly cooked chickpeas, homemade Sambal (Indonesian chili paste – first time I had it and I couldn’t stop talking about it!), and the game-changing Ramen Egg. What a brilliant combination of cultures on one plate.

I think my face says it all 😅

About to try the hummus

About to try the hummus

Just tried it

Just tried it



I thought I was full after the hummus. But then then came the promised Pulled Pork Burger. And it looked incredible.

Smash’d Eatery Pulled Pork Burger. Also available as beef or Jackfruit.

Smash’d Eatery Pulled Pork Burger. Also available as beef or Jackfruit.

And then guess what.. it was the best Pulled Pork Burger I have ever had. And it’s not even about the perfectly fried egg with the juicy egg yolk, or the crunchy coleslaw (yummy but daily changing toppings). The pulled pork.. it’s just mind blowing.

Slow cooked for 8 hours, melting in your mouth with every bite, smokey, sweet, savory magic. I don’t know how Emad did this, but this is truly amazing.


And the best thing is, I spoke to Emad and his partner Aril, and you could tell how truly passionate they are about what they are doing. And for me, that is everything.

This is a definite recommendation from my side. Go check them out on their instagram, or their website, get a buddy or two and get your share of hummus and a pulled pork (or beef, or jackfruit) burger!


Smash’d, Fehrbelliner Straße 5, Berlin

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